If an object can be put in water briefly, it can be dipped! Each Item is cleaned and prepped carefully before it is primed, dipped into a film pattern of choice and cured. The item is then refined with a glossy, matte or flat finish that is durable enough to withstand years of enjoyment. 

SPORTS EQUIPMENT ICON Services, SpecOps Coatings, Cerakote, Hydro-dipping


Golf Clubs, Helmets, Baseball Bats, Bikes, Barbells, Weights



Pistols, Shotguns, Riffles, BB Guns, Knives, Paitball Guns, Accessories



Valve Covers, Body Work, Intake Manifolds, Interior Panels, Grills, Emblems

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SpecOps Coatings only uses the highest grade quality film. Every film we offer is tested and made sure you the customer are getting a product that is durable and beautiful. We're constantly working on unique and awesome projects. Feel free to browse our past work and get inspired. Also, follow us on Instagram to see stay up-to-date with our latest projects.



We work with other experts and professionals within the industry to make sure all our designs are as premium grade as possible.  We will not skimp on quality and therefore will not rush or cut corners.  Quality is our commitment!  If you want as close to factory finish as possible then choose Spec Ops Coatings. Our team found that other technologies and applications were not to our visual liking nor quality and decided to bring our experiences and talents together to form Spec Ops Coatings.  We know what you want because we want it too!

For water transfer graphics (hydro-graphics), we use water-soluble prints, and we upgrade the look of your automotive parts and accessories, power tools, recreational gear, home furnishings and so much more.


As for Cerakote applications, we use genuine Cerakote paints to customize a coating and color finish of your liking.  Cerakote is used mainly on firearms, airsoft and paintball markers, however, anything can be painted using Cerakote finishes, even automotive rims.  You can choose as many solid color combinations as you wish or we can add a design by creating a custom stencil or camouflage pattern for your firearms, helmets, glasses, welding masks, cups, tumblers....there is virtually no limit to what can be coated.

We can also refinish worn wood and rusted or pitted firearms and bring them back to life or close to new as possible using Cerakote paints and traditional wood refinishing applications.


Our graphic selection, advanced processes, and fine detailing allow us to customize almost any three-dimensional object, including metals, fiberglass, plastic, ceramic and woods turning average into extraordinary with print and painting options that include (but are not limited to) carbon fiber, marble, wood grains and camouflages!

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